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Welcome To Our Online Dars-e-Quran Academy!

Learn and understand Quran is the basic and prior step for any Muslim. In modern era, where technology is dominating everywhere, it is best and mature decision to use it for a right purpose.To learn Quran and Tajweed by using technology, we are here to provide you our best services which meets your entire level of satisfaction. The only thing you need is Online Dars-e-Quran, where you will meet the professional and qualified teachers.We have the proper scheme of studies and it is divided by session to session. In whole duration you will find a path to achieve what you want to get.

Join Online Dare-s-Quran

Enroll yourself to Online Dars-e-Quran Academy for learning Quran. We are here for you every day and you do not need to worry from where you are.We arrange your classes as per your choice of time, you will find convenience and reliability from Online Dars-e-Quran Academy.

Skilled Quran Teacher

Come and join us if you want to take classes from professional and delegate teacher, we insure you, our qualified team of teacher will help and resolve any problem if you have.Our teacher has a proper schedule for your classes where you will find yourself in comfortable while learning Quran

Online Classes for kids

If you are living in any country in world where you think learning Islam and Quran is bit difficult then get registered your children’s to Online Dars-e-Quran Academy. Your children’s will get the basic knowledge and Tajweed of Quran.


Choose Your Courses

Enroll yourself to Online Dars-e-Quran Academy for learning Quran.

Learn and memorize Quran is virtuous deed and admirable action, but it difficult as well.Online Dars-e-Quran academy is here to assist you to accomplish this difficult task to achieve.

To understand the exact meaning of anything we need to go in depth and translation. Online Dars-e-Quran Academy classes provides you to translate Quran with Tafseer.

Holy Quran should recite with correct pronunciation and Online Dars-e- Quran Academy in Tajweed classes would focus on each letter, like where to stop during reading Quran and where to not.

Online dares Quran academy provides the facility to enroll your children in Noorani Qaidah course so they can learn the basic learning about pronunciation and learning of words.

Registerd Students
Quran Tutors Available
Sessions Completed

How to learn online Quran

If you and your kids are interested to learn Quran then do not worry, Online Dars-e-Quran is the place you only need. Get registered yourself with us and choose your classes time as per your choice. Online Dars-e-Quran has full-fledged course detail and scheme of studies. Online classes via skype, in which a qualified teacher and you will communicate one-to-one.

Why you should learn Tajweed?

Learning and reading Quran is necessary we all know but read and pronounce the word accurately is also compulsory. In Online Dars-e-Quran Academy register yourself in Tajweed classes and learn an accurate way to pronounce the word of holy Quran from a professional and qualified teacher.

Who will teach you?

Everyone has desire to learn something, and if it comes to Holy Quran then everyone wants to learn and understand it in a right way. Your mentor/Trainer is the person who will makes you perfect. Online Dars-e-Quran academy have the delegated and senior teacher, they are willing you provide you best knowledge they have and answer your all queries.